Lizza Moment: Lunch At The Office

Bye, food coma, I've got my alternative. I'll stay energized with Lizza.

Lizza products are the perfect solution for your office lunch whether you’re at work or at home. Bake our pizza bases sprinkled with your favourite toppings and you will have a delicious meal ready in just 10 minutes. Do you fancy a pasta dish? All you need is our Ratatouille sauce or pesto to add flavour to our pasta that takes less than 7 minutes of boiling to be done.

We also recommend our mug breads or mug cakes to those looking for a quick snack or a sweet dessert after lunch.
The best thing about this is that all of our products are low in sugar and carbohydrates but rich in fibre and protein. Your meals will be a source of stable energy. You can say goodbye to the midday slump!

For your Lizza moments at lunch in the office, we recommend the following products: