HappyNewYou Challenge – Week 2

HappyNewYou Challenge – Week 2

The second week of our #HappyNewYou challenge is here. We have 5 new mini challenges for you to keep working on your happy body & mind. This week will be a little harder than the last so get ready and let’s jump straight in.

We hope you had fun with last week’s mini challenges and managed to check all five boxes. If you didn’t then maybe you can improve this week. There are new challenges as well as some familiar ones ahead of you.

HappyNewYou challenge week 2 checklist

You can download a checklist as a printable PDF here to keep track of your progress if you haven’t already.

#1 Walk 8,000 steps in one day

Now that you found a way to squeeze 7,000 steps in a day let’s try “stepping” it up a notch. Here is a tip to get you that one extra thousand steps. Try parking further away from work or the grocery store to walk the rest. If you take public transport then get off one stop earlier. Small changes like this will compound over time to have a big effect if you keep it up.

#2 Play a (board) game with your friends or family

Connecting with others in a meaningful way is essential if you want to feel content and happy over the long term. Playing games is one of the best ways to do this. If you’re into board games, perfect! It will be an easy challenge for you. If you don’t have a tradition of playing games in your family or friend group then get ready to be pleasantly surprised. Agree on a time in advance and fight the urge to cancel at the last minute. You will be happy you did it.

#3 Complete one day of happy eating

Did you enjoy all four meals in one day last week? It’s amazing how tasty these nutritious meals can be, right? We have a new meal plan for you this week and it’s no less delicious!

Breakfast – Lizza Muesli with yogurt

The perfect breakfast doesn’t have to take long to prepare. Just pour some muesli into a yogurt, add some fruit if you prefer, and enjoy your high protein, high fibre breakfast that tastes great. You can use soy-based yogurt for a vegan alternative.


Lizza Muesli with yogurt recipe


Lunch – Lizza Mediterranean pasta salad

For lunch, check out our recipe for a high protein Mediterranean pasta. You can also add a low carb dessert like Lizza Brownies, Lizza Carrot Cake Muffins, or Lizza Mug Cakes.


Lizza Mediterranean pasta salad recipe


Snack – Lizza Toast Square sandwich with curry coleslaw

Today is a great time to try a snack that’s a bit more special. It takes a bit more time to prepare but you will love the result! Check out our Toast Squares with curry coleslaw recipe.


Lizza Toast sandwich with curry coleslaw recipe


Dinner – Lizza pieces with beetroot hummus

For dinner, you can look forward to a wonderfully colourful recipe - Lizza pieces with beetroot hummus. Happy eating means choosing meals that are good for you and that you enjoy eating. Make this a habit and you have a diet that is sustainable long term.


Lizza pieces with beetroot hummus recipe


All of the recipes in this meal plan are based around products from our starter bundle. Get yours now if you haven’t already and start planning your day of happy eating.

#4 Do 30 minutes of intense exercise

Completing 20 minutes of burpees last week was easy? Ok, let’s do 10 extra minutes! If you’re not a fan of burpees you can try adding a bit more variety. There are several body-weight exercises you can include. Just remember to keep your heart rate up for the whole 30 minutes.

  • Squats
  • Push-ups
  • Lunges
  • Pull-ups (if you have a pull-up bar)
  • Plank
  • Jumping jacks

Give yourself 1-2 minutes of rest after each set to catch your breath so you can continue pushing hard until 30 minutes are up. If you prefer running, swimming, cycling or a different sport that can bring intensity, go for it!

#5 Don’t look at any screens 2 hours before sleep

Last week’s challenge was about sleep duration. Let’s work on sleep quality this week. Sleep quality is influenced by your circadian rhythm, the night and day cycle. The bright blue light in the morning is a signal to wake up and dim warm light or darkness in the evening is a signal to go to sleep. Your phone and PC screen are producing a lot of blue light which is not helpful for getting your body ready for deep sleep. Challenge yourself to put the phone away for 2 hours before sleep to limit bright blue light exposure. You will feel much better rested in the morning.

We hope you do well with your second week of challenges! Check all five challenges in your printable checklist by the end of this week because more challenges are coming next Monday in week 3 of HappyNewYou.